How to Capture High Quality Pictures for Social Media

Social Media is a very powerful tool to market your restaurants. Since, it is a media much of it is visual. Therefore, your restaurant’s dishes must look mouth-watering to capture your audience’s attention. Investing in a professional photographer costs a lot, so here are some tips that can help you get better picture:


  • Plating: The way food is set out on the plate is as important as the way you photograph it. In fact, plating is the first step to creating the idea that the food being photographed is just as juicy and mouth-watering as it appears to be. This is the first key step towards a good picture. Cookbooks and magazines can be used as guides to get ideas on plating.


  • Lighting: Lighting is key in any photograph, so this also applies to food photography. Huge improvement can be seen by just changing the lighting. It is a must that there is adequate lighting. In order to make food look fresh and natural, it is advised that food should be shot in natural light avoiding flash photography.


  • Angle: When taking pictures try to think which angle might be best. It might be best to take pictures from many different angles and see which works well. Special features like macro might also help here if you want to zoom in on one element.


  • Enhance: After taking pictures, use an app or Instagram filters to enhance pictures as per needed. However, the pictures in the Instagram page shouldn’t be too different from each other as branding needs some level of consistency.


  • Venue: Don’t forget to take pictures of the venue as well. The picture should be of the venue with and without people to provide a better feel of the restaurant.