Binod Baral


Binod Baral is a renowned Chef in London. With a vast knowledge and experience in food and restaurant industry, he specialise in Nepalese & Indian cuisine. Currently he co-owns a Nepalese restaurant in Hounslow under the brand name of MO:MO & ROTI and an Indian restaurant under the brand name of ZUMBURA.

New & Modern Logo Design

Binod Baral needed a fresh, modern and innovative yet simple logo design. He is a Foodie, Chef, Incubator, Restaurateur & Entrepreneur and currently co-owns two restaurants in London and works as a consultant too.

Our biggest challenge in this project was to integrate the logo with his own personality along with branding him as a food industry expert, entrepreneur and restaurateur.

Since he is involved in many aspects of restaurant and food industry, we had a create and design a logo that would represent his personal as well as consultancy brand.

Wordmark Logo


Considering the above problem and after many brainstorming, we decided to create wordmark type logo (purely based in text).

We created 7 different versions of text based logos with different colours and finally concluded with the purple text logo.