Facebook Marketing for Restaurants


As a restaurant owner, by now you must have realised the value of Facebook Marketing for Restaurants.


Below are top 5 tips of Facebook Marketing for Restaurants which you can start right now:


  1. Engage with your audience: Have you ever checked your restaurant’s Facebook reviews? If not do it now. Customers are talking about your restaurant. They are already spreading the word about how good or bad your service, food or atmosphere is. Reply those reviews, click a like or share them. Engage with them. It builds a relationship and increases loyalty.


  1. Educate them: Pick one food item per week from your menu and share its recipe on Facebook. Create a short video of Chef cooking the dish and post it. Showcase the food, provide recipes, explain the origin of a dish.


  1. Appreciate your team members: Facebook should never be just for your business promotion. It is a great platform to showcase how much you care about your employees. If you have employee of the month, share it. If one of your team members goes extra mile to serve a guest, share it. It motivates your staff as well as generate engagement.


  1. Share guest’s photos: But ask them first. If they are comfortable, take a picture and share. If you host any event, take a picture and post. It shows how busy your restaurant is. People want to go to busier restaurants rather than an empty one.


  1. Be consistent: If you start posting today, make sure you have a consistency. Just don’t post once in a blue moon. Make a quick plan, for e.g. Mondays to Wednesday are generally quiet, you can share team pictures, recipes, Chefs in action etc. and weekends for guest’s pictures, busy restaurant etc.


So, in a nutshell: Engage with your audience, educate them, appreciate your team, share guest pictures & be consistent.