How to Respond a Negative Restaurant Review on TripAdvisor

respond negative TripAdvisor review

How to Respond a Negative Restaurant Review on TripAdvisor


We know it hurts. After working hard to build up your business, suddenly your business receives a negative feedback and at this age of Social Media it can travel fast to your potential customers as well. And once its live, the chances of it impacting your business negatively is very high and negative reviews can bust your business. So, save it before you break it.


Below are top 6 list of “How to Respond a Negative Restaurant Review on TripAdvisor”


  1. Do not take it personally: This is one of the most common mistakes restaurants owners make. Sometimes the response reflects their personality and that is wrong. Take time, go through the review and respond calmly. The review response is an opportunity to retain the unhappy customer as well as show your prospect guests that you really care. Check out an example of a “Bad Review Response” HERE


  1. Respond in timely manner: Within 24 hours must be the target. If the reviewer is extremely unhappy, the chances are higher that they will spread the negative word via other online review platforms and friends too. So, responding the review in timely manner will help.


  1. Acknowledge and apologise: Never forget to apologise the guest. Just imagine how would you handle a guest complaint in your restaurant. You apologise and try to resolve the issue as soon as you can. And same must be applied to the review response.


  1. Share it with your team members: Sometimes team members do not realise the impact of a negative review. Explain them and show them the feedback received and train them accordingly.


  1. Add a point of contact in response: Some customers will appreciate your response and may give your restaurant another chance. Leaving a direct point contact will help to have a personal understanding of the guest experience and you can possibly retain them.


  1. Add a sense of humour if possible: Sometimes adding a sense of humour in reply can go a long way and get extra publicity but must be careful and followed by above 5 points.


Check out some of the best review response HERE. They are for hotels but can be used as an example for restaurants too.

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