Instagram Marketing Tips for Restaurants


Top 6 Instagram Marketing Tips for Restaurants

UK has more than 17 million (March 2017) active users in Instagram and its growing fast. Yes, Instagram has a younger audience than Facebook, with 39% of its UK users aged 16-24 but older generations are joining the platform fast.  So, never ever forget a Marketing Mantra: You must be where your customers are.

Create Instagram business account and simply implement the following tips:

  1. Use High Quality Photos: Take food, dining room, staff and behind-the-scenes operations photos. Show pictures of the staff serving customers, having fun or preparing for big events. Post photos and short videos regularly to draw an audience and keep them returning.
  2. Enable Geo-Location: Since restaurant businesses rely on local customers, it is vital to target local audience. Enabling geo-location on posting would help to create local brand awareness.
  3. Use Local & Right Hashtags (#): Hashtags are very powerful tool to get visibility and attention at the right time. For e.g. during lunch time use #lunch #yourarea #foodname. Create your brand’s own unique hashtag. Follow and create posts that fits with the trendy hashtags. Publicize the company hashtag on the website, stationery & social media pages.
  4. Follow Influencers & Increase Followers: Find out local media influencers, follow them. Explore and follow local users who have tagged your location or nearby locations.
  5. Encourage Customers to Post Photos Taken at the Restaurant: Encourage customers to post photos. Offer them incentives like a free dessert or drink in return.
  6. Go Live: Instagram Live is a terrific way to showcase a new dish, drink, or dining space. Followers will be alerted that you’ve started a Live video at any point in their feed, calling attention that your account is active and attracting more engagement. You will be able to see who is viewing your Live video, and engage with fans right then and there.