Online marketing trends for Restaurants in 2018

Online marketing trends for Restaurants in 2018

Online Marketing is ticking the box of Marketing plans and strategies in every single business now. This year use of Online marketing by small business, mainly independent restaurants and pubs were significant. We have listed some of Online Marketing trends for Restaurants in 2018 that will surely ignite your Marketing plans for the upcoming year.

  1. Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing will still be very important in 2018, with meaningful, up to date and frequent interaction with costumers. It might also be worth while to decide which social media platform should be at the top of your list and make sure to keep an eye on new Social Media platform that might swirl the world next year.
Chefs could share personal stories or talk about their favourite dishes and their recipes.

  1. Contents:

The content now more than ever needs to make every word count as the internet becomes more crowded. People these days are so busy and bombarded with information that they have less time to read lengthy and boring contents. So, shorter and more personalized with lots of pictures, videos and infographics is sure to win the race.

  1. Conversion Optimisation Rate:

This refers to the number of website visitors actually turning into customers of your restaurant. Since, it can be can be used as a benchmark to measure the success of your online strategy, this is a trend that will be strategically important. Make sure to use and check analytics of your website visitors, Social Media platforms and your sales.

  1. Mass Personalization:

This means “made-to-order” or custom tailored for consumer in the mass. This can be done by collecting your customer’s data through social media, online purchases and bookings, which then is analysed. The analysis can provide insight onto your customer’s habit. Strategies can be based on this to retain the customers and drive sales.For instance, reservation offer could be made right before their birthdays or anniversaries. Moreover, this strategy also promote interaction with consumers.

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